Lunch lady is tapped on shoulder – turns around and instantly spots teenager’s secret

At a high school in Reno, Nevada, USA, this teenager told one lunch lady exactly what he thought about her.

Tears streamed down her face when she heard what he had to say.

Not holding anything back the student delivered his words with so much honesty it caught her by surprise.

As you’ll see she was so overwhelmed.

At the school she is known as “Lunch Lady Lynn,” reently she had agreed to help some students with a food project.

However, she was about to realize there was an ulterior motive to them seeking her help.

Each year this woman does her utmost best to prepare the best possible food for the youngsters, so a fabulous group of students at the Bishop Manogue School decided to show their gratitude and love this lady.

Students were able to prepare a special surprise for this very hardworking woman all thanks to a project at the school called ‘Dude Be Nice’.

As well as being the lunch lady they also regard her as their friend.

The halls were plastered with posters reading “Dude Be Nice”.

Of course, Lynn had absolutely no idea what they had just prepared to celebrate her efforts.

Usually, it’s her making sure they get good food to keep them going and talking to them if they need support in any way to look after the students.

However, it was her turn to be in the spotlight this time.

The students collected money to arranged something special for her to have – Memphis BBQ – her favorite dinner as you see all is revealed in the video below:

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