Man nearly burnt alive by barbeque

A man was nearly burnt alive after he added an entire bucket of fire starters to his backyard barbeque.

The terrifying moment was caught on camera as the man was engulfed in a plume of black smoke and flames.

The incident occurred in Blaxlands Ridge, north-west of Sydney on April 1.

Watch the video below to see the terrifying moment unfold.

This incredible video shows the man tending to the hot coals of the barbeque with a piece of timber.

He then grabs a blue box, which we assume had fire starters or charcoal inside of it.

He then walks back over to the barbeque and gives a thumbs up and then a thumbs down to his friends in the background.

Immediately he turns to the barbeque and chucks the entire contents of the box onto the flaming barbeque, which immediately leads to a massive explosion that engulfs him.

Instantly he disappears in the massive ball of smoke and flames. but somehow manages to run to safety and take his shirt off.

He was then rushed to the nearest emergency room, where he was treated for severe burns and is currently recovering in hospital.

Thankfully he lived to tell the tale, but let us take from this and always be vigilant around barbeques when using flammable fuel.

Please always use extreme caution around barbeques or fires.

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