Man notices baby alone at store: Acts immediately when he discovers the truth.

Every child needs a loving home, raised by responsible adults who put their needs first, but not all get what they deserve.

What happened to a child in Brazil is unthinkable and will leave you stunned considering the support services available for parents who struggle.

Many children live on the street around seven million children live in Brazil without parents according to UNICEF.

Some parents dump their children because they simply cannot afford to provide for them.

Many organizations go to great lengths to protect these children they reality of these situations are very upsetting.

It’s heartbreaking what happened to this toddler.

A man carrying a young boy into a shopping mall is captured on camera while the mother stands behind the doors watching.

He suddenly looks around before he puts the baby on the floor and flies off.

A man sitting nearby acted quickly when he witnessed this horrific incident.

The toddler who is too young to understand what has just transpired runs towards his mother as she leaves with the father.

Thankfully the man called for help and prevented the toddler from running out into the street into danger.

The child into custody by security officers at the shopping mall who transferred him to a nearby child-care center.

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