Man pulled over by cop for having no baby in car seat – wife unexpectedly surprises him

It’s a big deal these days announcing a pregnancy to a guy who’s about the become a father.

Women are seeking creative ways of informing their partners about the exciting news, broadcasting it differently seems to be the latest trend.

It can be tough for women to think outside the box, Nikk Rock, wanted a particularly special way of informing her husband about the exciting news.

So she decided to contact the Hurst Police Department to check if they could help to follow through with her idea.

Wait until you see what transpires for her unsuspecting husband.


Nikk and her husband were pulled over by an officer one day as they were driving down the road.

Her husband became confused as to why he had been flagged down, he wasn’t committing any offense for his driving as far as he was aware.

Nikki tells him to calm down as nervously toys with the radio.

They both realized they knew the officer as he approached their vehicle, but that didn’t ease the husband nerves.

The officer explained that the reason he had pulled him over was due to the fact he was driving without a child in the carseat.

The confused husband explained there was no child in the car, but the officer kept nodding to the backseat.

Nikki produced her pregnancy test and held it up as her husband looked over at she explains: “We do have a child in the car with no car seat!”

At that moment his face lit up when he realized, another officer then passed him a gift bag confirming that would soon to be a dad.

Watch the hilarious video unfold as Nikki records the event.

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