Man Spots Car Turned Upside Down in Icy Ditch, Heard Teens Scream for Help

How many times have we seen an accident on the side of the road and driven by? It’s assumed those involved are able to call emergency responders themselves, and perhaps they’re even already on their way.

But for this particular teenage couple in Kentville, Nova Scotia, help was not on the way. They were in serious trouble, and had a young father not intervened, they may have frozen to death.

On Feb. 2, Alex Pineo and Cassidy Jones flipped their car on Church Street and landed in a service ditch filled with icy water.

It was filling the car quickly and the teens were screaming for help when carpenter Richard Kirk saw the inverted car on his drive home from work.

Kirk mentions, “I didn’t know if I could hear somebody or not. I thought it might be the wind howling.

He evaluated the scene after he pulled to the side of the road.

Shouting to hear if anyone was inside, they were able to make contact with him. Kirk says, “They were saying, ‘Help, help, help! Get us out. There’s water around here.’”

Immediately Kirk called  911  proceeding to wade into the icy water.  Kirk sprang into action as there was only way out for the trapped couple.

I put my feet against the bank, and my back against the car, and rocked the car enough that I could get the driver’s side rear door open.

He apologized to his wife when he arrived home late for dinner following the event with wet socks. She was amazed when he explained the recent event.

Kirk shyly admits, “So I told her the story of what happened. And she said. ‘Huh! You’re a hero.’ Well, I guess you could call it that. I’m just happy they’re alright. Happy to help.”

Following the rescue, Pineo and his girlfriend were unaware of who had saved them.

Pineo posted on Facebook that night, “I flipped my vehicle on church street in Kentville Silver Subaru Impreza. I’m looking for the man who busted out the back window to help me and girlfriend Cassidy Jones get out of the car that was filling with water. He is a hero.”


On 5th Feb the couple was able to connect with Kirk and give thanks for his courageous efforts.

Kirk told reporters, “It’s not like I’m a superhero or nothing. I’m just happy they’re alright.”

Carpenters have quite the reputation it’s wonderful to see Richard Kirk continue this.

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