Man approaches mom and toddler on beach, he does unthinkable act that makes mother cry

A man who has been blamed for sexually assaulting a young mother while in company with her child is insisting he ”didn’t do anything wrong’

The 21-year-old mother was with her child at Main Beach on the Gold Coast as the 78-year-old moved toward them on Wednesday in the middle of the day..

He continuously approached her on numerous occasions when the mother eventually decided that she would begin recording the exchange between them immediately as she began to feel uncomfortable in his presence.

In the video, the man brushes the hair of her two-year-old child and gives him $20 saying to him,’You take that and let mummy take you to the coffee place.’

The man proceeds to touch the lady’s arms prior to supposedly grabbing her breast and chancing to kiss her.

I was so scared and was just thinking of how I could get out of the situation and also didn’t want to aggravate him, especially having my son,‘ she wrote on social media.

He asked me if I wanted to have a coffee. I said ”no sorry” and then he was saying how pretty I was and that he likes my hair. Just weird s**t,’ the post read.

He then was grabbing me again, but this time more forcefully. He grabbed my face and tried kissing me on the lips and then grabbed my boob. I pushed him away and said ‘I don’t like that!’

Subsequent to contacting the police, she saw him later again in the car park and headed toward him to announce his actions were not appropriate.

I then thought f**k this I’m going to say something to him.. I turned back around and parked near him put my phone on video and had a word with him.’

In the second video, she makes him aware through tears that he made her feel extremely awkward and that he should never attempt that with another woman in the future.

The man gave himself over to police where Surfers Paradise Sergeant john Goobanko revealed to Nine News that the man ‘wanted to give his version of the story’.

‘We received a version of events which included a remorseful account’ Sgt Goobanko said.

The man has told Nine News he might want to apologize to the mother after the particular incident.

He has since been issued with a notice to show up in court.

Take a look at the video footage recorded below:

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