Miracle Baby Stabbed by Father after 1st Birthday, Mom Prays Beside Hospital Bed

Nearly everyone has their own story to share about defying the odds at least once in their life.

However one would speculate a miracle having defeated the odds twice.

Bradley Batchelor who was born at just one pound, four ounces lives to tell his tale.

The miraculous “preemie” though suspected to not survive by doctors, made it to see his first birthday.

Hannah Batchelor says “If you don’t believe in miracles, there is one right here.”

However, the celebration of the child’s first year of life turned into another fight for survival.

David Batchelor got high and tried to murder his family after a domestic squabble.

David went after the child first with a kitchen knife, repeatedly stabbing his son in the stomach, the puncture piercing all the way through to Bradley’s spine.

However, a neighbor — whose girlfriend happened to be a nurse — was in the right place at the right time and was outside when he saw Hannah running towards him, screaming for help.

Bradleys injuries were extensive by the time they arrived at the hospital, several surgeries were yet to come.

Hannah Batchelor explained “There is no way to describe that feeling to see your son hooked up to all these tubes and all these things I just can’t help him with,” as she sat praying by her son’s bedside.

Hannah continuously prayed for her son spent over two months he spent recovering in the hospital, hoping for some sort of answer.

Bradley’s father was sentenced to jail with a bail set at $2.5 million.

Bradley is a fighter according to his mother and anyone that knows him.

His health quickly progressed as the two months passed and became the growing, happy child all children are meant to be.

The incident hasn’t seemed to affect him too much either.

Just to sit there and know you have this little boy there that is full of strength and that’s all I held on to is the hope he would pull through and here we are and he did,” his mother said.

The recovery was miraculous although she admits to shying away at first from talking about the tragic incident.

As she began to heal over time she hopes to share her story as an inspiration for any family going through tough times.

His mom tells us “It’s encouraging and it’s all full of hope,”

This story seems sad in the beginning but it’s really full of hope and happiness.” she also adds.

What an incredible story please share for others to read Bradley’s story.

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