Mom Explains Brilliant Hack, Why Adding Piece of Paper to Car Seat Can Save a Child’s Life

A vast number of parents often post unwanted parenting advice online discussing many topics related to parenting that are really just a matter of one’s opinion.

However, the consequences of incorrect car seat safety and installation can be fatal, a matter which isn’t related to parenting style.

The time and effort involved learning about car seat safety for parents can be extensive.
Topics usually take more than a few minutes to discuss things such as extended rear facing and the correct way to specifically install a seat.

Mother and EMT, Kaitlyn Lawson, shares this simply incredible tip for children in car seats.
Kaitlyn expresses that by adding a single piece of paper to a car seat it could save your child’s life.

Imagine if you are a parent how the following scenario could be upsetting.
Parents are driving with young children not yet able to speak in this hypothetical scene when they get into a car accident.
Picture this scenario, the parents have become unconscious following the accident.
In time of an emergency the children who  are the best advocates are not able to respond to even the simplest questions.

Lawson shared, “It takes two minutes of your time to write out your child’s name, date of birth, emergency contacts, any medical conditions, any medicine your child is on, and even your child’s doctor, then stick it to the child’s car seat.
This helps EMS a ton and can also help save your child’s life,” she concludes.
This fantastic idea is one of the best parenting tips that could actually have a huge impact.

Alexis Copas another mother who saw Lawson’s post and immediately grabbed a paper and pen.
Tweeted this, “Saw this on FB & wanted to share it here!! As soon as I read this, I made one to stick on my child’s car seat.”

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