Mom Horrified When Daughter Blurts Out 7 Words To Elderly Man Only To Have Footage Go Viral

As we grow older, we start to see more and more of the people around us being called to heaven. Sadly, this means our life partners, family and friends as well.

Nobody knows the pain and sadness of loosing a loved one better than 82-year-old Dan Peterson.

After he lost his wife Mary, Dan spent countless weeks just staring blankly out into space .

His grief was like a massive weight he could not get off his chest — he felt his life was worthless without his beloved wife. But thankfully, one four-year-old girl was able to help Dan remove this weighing sadness when they had a chance encounter at the grocery store.

As Dan grumpily made his way down the canned vegetable aisle (grocery shopping is not his favorite past time) when out of the blue he was met with a bright smiling face staring him in the eyes. It was none other than 4-year-old Norah, and today was her birthday!

The sheer joy of her special day led Norah to interact with Dan and say, “Hi old person. Today’s my birthday.” Norah’s mother Tara was utterly mortified by her daughter’s comment and quickly started to apologize to the elderly man — but Dan was not phased by the interaction.

Instead, he began to feel happiness flood into his spirit, something that he had not experienced since loosing his wife!

Dan and Norah had a big conversation about her birthday and other interests the little girl had for several minutes before they had to go. Just before they parted ways, Tara managed to get a picture of the two new best friends!

Tara decided to share the sweet photos through Facebook with Dan as soon as they arrived home — and that is when the unimaginable happened. Someone recognized Dan and said that this was the first time they had seen a smile on Dan’s face since his wife’s passing!

Without hesitation, Tara asked for Dan’s number and decided to arrange a visit! Dan and Norah have become the best of friends and see each other as much as possible, giving Dan a new lease on life.

Watch the video below and learn more about this heartwarming friendship between young and old!

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All too often the elderly suffer in silence, everyone should interact with the elderly people around them. Being old can often be a very lonely place, especially when they loose the people around them.