“Mom I’m Dying” Parents Rush To School As Teen Calls But Can’t Find Her

Bailey Holt walked into her Kentucky high school like any other day on Jan. 23,  shockingly the 15-year-old would never walk out.

Eighteen students were injured that day and two students did not survive the mass shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky. Unfortunatly Baily Holt was one of the students along with Preston Ryan Cope, 15 who also lost his life that day.

Bailey’s parents, Secret and Jasen Holt bravely spoke out about their heartache just days following the loss of their beloved daughter. The parents revealed that Bailey’s final moments was making one final phone call to her dear mother.

The Holts frantically tried to reach their daughter when they first learned that Marshall County High School was on fire, they called again and again but to no avail were thay able to make contact.

Secret Holt’s phone rang there was a glimmer of hope as they realised it was Bailey, when her mother realised Bailey was unable to speak her hope quickly dissipated.

Secret recalls “All I could hear was voices and chaos in the background when she called me.”

“I called her name over and over and over but I knew she couldn’t speak as she never responded.”

Frantic her parents rushed to the school, waiting in agony for their daughter. They were eventullay directed to the fire department, here they learned of their daughter’s situation.

Bailey’s parents were heartbroken and devasted.  Bailey’s ambition was to one day become a labor and delivery nurse, where she’d be serving others. Bailey’s parents shared what they adored most about their beautiful, marvelous daughter.

“ Our Bailey was so warm hearted her smile would light up the room she was the most incredible child anyone could ask for,” confessed an upset Secret .

Everything changed in an instant all in the hands of another student this will be an event her parents will never comprehend. The shooter, whose is yet ot be named, has been charged with two counts of murder and 12 counts of first-degree assault.

Secret admits “I don’t know if I can go to court and see him, “I just don’t know if I can, but I want him to pay for everything he has done.”

“I also want to pray for him, too, because I know he’s probably having a hard time too, but he took our baby,” she continued. “He still took my baby from me.”

Bailey’s family is trying to keep the focus on honoring their daughter’s life as they process the onslaught of emotions. Despite her being taken too soon Bailey would want her parents to forgive the shooter.

“She would absolutely tell us all to stop all the fuss, not to be angry, forgive him and pray for his mom,” said Bailey’s aunt, Tracy Tubbs. “She would, in a heartbeat, stand by those words.”

“She would not have an angry bone in her body,” Tubbs expressed. “She would rather us turn our pain into something good, and that’s the best way we are going to represent her life.”

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