Mother Outraged After Son Shows Her Red Mark On His Body Claiming Teacher Hit Him With Ruler

An angry mother is demanding answers when her son came home with a red mark on his body, announcing that a substitute teacher smacked him with a ruler.

Liz Slablinski’s son Maddox is a third grader at Hoosier Road Elementary School in Indiana.

When Liz saw a red mark on her son’s torso, he told her that the teacher lifted up his shirt and hit him with a red plastic ruler when she asked him how he got it.

The teacher reportedly used a key to go back into the building, leaving Maddox outside in the cold for five minutes without a coat.

This took place outside, apparently, despite there being 22 security cameras on the school’s campus, none of them caught the incident.

Liz’s son apparently is somewhat afraid to go back to school all this is understandably upsetting for the Maddox’s mother.

Following the repercussions of what she supposedly did to Maddox, she would like the substitute teacher to suffer the consequences.

It’s a flawed system with how they get substitutes. I don’t want this to ever happen to any other child again. I want the teacher to lose her license. I want her to learn her lesson. I want to make sure she is not employed and doing this to anyone else’s child,” Liz explains.

An investigation is being conducted by the Department of Child Services.

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