Mom Loses Son In Mysterious Car Crash Then Stranger Finds His Phone And Reveals A Chilling Clue

Many young people have big dreams and 22-year-old David Denz was no exception. David was a confident and outgoing talented young artist who had a creative mind.

Unfortunately, however, he would never actually get the chance to follow his dreams.

Back in April 2017, his mother Nancy gave her 22-year-old son a farewell hug as he headed off to work.

About an hour later, Nancy discovered that her oldest son was in a terrible traffic collision. It was at that moment it felt like her life changed in a gut-wrenching second.

The only information Nancy had was that somehow Daniel lost control of his car before rolling over an embankment and crashing into a ravine.

Nancy tells us, that witnesses climbed over bushes and through the ravine in an attempt to rescue him. However it was too late, Daniel passed away almost instantly.

Police were confused about what happened when they arrived at the scene and the details of the crash were minimal.

The reason for the accident was slightly unclear to investigators, however, a stranger happened to notice a cell phone lying on the motorway.

Apparently, it was, in fact, Daniel’s phone, once they made the discovery right the details on the screen helped piece the young man’s final moments together.

Daniel, unfortunately, happened to be texting while driving.


The reason we know he was texting is that a witness picked up his phone off the freeway. And it was open, and he was in the middle of sending a message,” Nancy claims.

Nancy now has an urgent warning for anyone who will listen. She is hoping that her son’s tragic story will help save lives.

“To see that dream disappear, to plan a funeral, when I should have been planning a grad party, it’s devastating,” I don’t want other parents to go through it,” she concludes.

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