Her mother tried to kill her: 29 years later she never saw this coming

Gianna Jessen has a powerful story to share her constant joy becomes apparent as her story unfolds, about the unspeakable challenges.

A life that was never meant to be has been used to inspire and perhaps even save others.

Her life has been a short path littered with obstacles at every turn: challenges, betrayal, and cruelty her story is to show what happens when a mother has a late-term abortion, where the child ends up actually surviving that abortion.

It was intended for her to die before she was born but now as an adult, she now has cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen during the attempted abortion, she actually considers it as a gift, claiming “It allows me to really depend on Jesus for everything.”

She was born two months premature and weighing just two and a half pounds, she spent her first couple of months in a hospital where eventually, she entered the foster care system.

Doctors did not expect Gianna to be able to lift her head or even talk, however, at three she began walking and has grown into a woman who has run marathons.

Turns out if the doctor had been present when discovered that Gianna had survived the abortion, strangulation or some other method would have been used to finish the job.

Instead, a nurse present, rushed her to the hospital, and now several years later, she is here delivering a powerful, yet very upbeat and positive testimony “My life and my story didn’t begin and end at my birth.”

Medical records from the day of her birth clearly state “born during saline abortion” method despite surviving it.

She shares her strong faith regardless of the audience, she says “I’m invading the culture as an unconventional woman, just being me, the beautiful thing about having cerebral palsy is it’s part of my sermon. It’s my way of reminding the earth that heaven is real. My legs have become a net to act as a fisher of men.”

In 2012 a movie called October Baby was produced based on her life story.

As music is a passion of hers, audiences got a glimpse of Gianna’s single “Ocean Floor,” which was sung by herself during the film providing one of the more emotional touch points.

Modern communications take her story where she cannot go herself.

Two speeches—one at Yale and another in Australia, the Yale speech was covered by a blogger.

Her speech in Australia was filmed without her knowledge and released on YouTube where is it reappears on the internet every so often.

For a voice that was never intended to speak Ginna is a pro-life advocate speaker and writer.

She admits “I am honest, with myself and with Jesus. To the point where one might mistake my honesty for irreverence. But I would rather risk that and give Him my truest self than live life thinly veiled. I find most of life very funny indeed. I would say I laugh most of the time and cry at other times. But the crying is merely sowing seeds of joy for the future. My goal is to live the impossible since nothing is impossible for God.”

Listen to this woman’s powerful and moving story and share with friends and family to show how precious all lives really are.

This video is really a must see considering the fact that Gianna was never meant to be here,

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