Nurse urges all parents to read this , after her son gets this one unusual symptom after being diagnosed with flu.

Winter is almost upon us again where we all need to extra vigilant this time of year and should be on the lookout for things like fevers and runny noses in their little ones.

But for one Nebraska mother and nurse her son developed this symptom she never has associated with flu and it’s something we urge you all to read.

This registered nurse and mother Brodi Willard issued a serious caution to parents urging them to keep their eyes peeled for hives if they have sick children in the house.

A Facebook post by Brodi reveals how this rash can actually be a symptom of the flu. She wrote:

Of course, it does not come as medical advice and we are only showing you the post for your own warning.

The poor boy ended up testing positive for influenza with just these few symptoms.

“My son came home from school with hives. Every time he would scratch, more would appear. We tried changing his clothes and giving him a bath, but nothing helped. I called his pediatrician. They said they had two kids come into the office that day with the same symptoms and tested POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA. I took him to the doctor this morning and he tested POSITIVE for INFLUENZA B”

He has had NO symptoms. No fever, no cough, and no runny nose. He only has hives,” said Mum Brodi. To make matters worse it was his only symptom.

You always need to make sure you check out every angle and to make sure that you miss nothing when your child is sick.

It may seem like only something small like Hives but it can often work out to be something worse.

For 2017 -2018 season there have been “37 influenza-associated pediatric deaths” reported so far, these warnings are not to be taken lightly.

The post ended with Brodi stressing the importance of checking for hives, regardless of whether your child hasn’t shown any other symptoms.

Keep watch on your children [and] if they develop hives, please call your pediatrician. I have never heard of this symptom but it is obviously something to be on the lookout for.

Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory passages causing fever, severe aching, and catarrh, and often occurring in epidemics.

A wide range of complications can be caused by influenza virus infection of the upper respiratory tract (nasal passages, throat) and lower respiratory tract (lungs).

Take a look at the surprising facts about the flu virus in the video below.

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