One Mum’s Text Points Out How Incredible Our Preschool Teachers Are

Teaching profession can occasionally be a thankless job. A necessary, but important, and amazing job that a lot of us often fail to appreciate. It is fascinating how teachers make it through a day and actually look forward to coming to it every day.

One mother gathered our appreciation for preschool teachers in an unusual, hilarious way.

Blogger Karen Johnson (mother of three)  wrote a note of thanks and posted on  Facebook.

The note of thanks was very specific which summarised parents’ appreciation for teachers.

Johnson writes “This is a shout-out to all preschool teachers. I truly cannot imagine the things you must see.” 

She also adds it was a “hot mess morning,” as she told her son to get in the car so they wouldn’t be late. Suddenly she remembered he hadn’t eaten breakfast, so she “threw a cheese stick at him in the backseat and told him to make sure he had it all eaten by the time we got to school.

Johnson noticed that her son was still holding said cheese stick when they almost reached the building, which at that point was most likely lukewarm and in the beginning to disintegrate.

She continues to say in the note “And then, later in the day, you lovingly accepted this dirty sock as his submission for Letter S show and tell day, Please know that I try.”

“I tried to get him to take his sister’s stuffed animal sloth for show and tell. I suggested a Skylander. And a soccer ball. But the dirty sock won because there are only so many battles this mama can fight.” Johnson claims.

Johnson mentioned to her son that he needed to find something that began with S and so she reminded him of the S sound.

SSSSS like snake and soccer… and sock. And he said SOCK!”  But to no avail she notes.

Thank you for taking him, just as he is. For taking all of us. For loving him. For teaching him. For letting him throw his uneaten breakfast away and for saying, ‘Yes, sock DOES start with S! Good job!‘” his mom comments.

Johnson explains that for years prior to becoming a mother she was also a teacher, therefore she understands how teachers jobs are.

“I am forever frustrated at the lack of appreciation they often get, how they have to face endless budget cuts and standardized testing and lack of administrative support, and still come to work every day with a glowing smile and do their best for our kids, even if they don’t have the resources they need,” remarks Johnson.

I don’t know how or why you do it, but love you,” she notes.

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