Sadie enters the room to say goodbye to her owner, but then she breaks down because of it

Earlier this year Sadie the dog lost her best friend to a heart attack.

Dogs can prove that not only humans mourn when a loved one dies after she had lived with her owner and been by her side for 13 years.

Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, explains “After the paramedics came and couldn’t revive him, Sadie laid beside him and repeated put her head on and under his hand.”

Along with family members, close friends and Sadie they all mourned the man.

Sadie didn’t eat properly and couldn’t sleep alone, over the ten days that preceded the funeral, May said.

Once the day finally arrived for the owner’s burial service, his widow entered the chapel along with Sadie, who they considered a part of their family.

“The dog was as important as a spouse and child, so it was important that we allowed it to happen,” May explains.

“As Sadie approached the casket you could both feel and hear the emotion in the room from the guests. Not a dry eye in the room. It was an emotional and hair-raising moment,” she added.

Dogs owners will understand the bond that is forged between animal and human.

No wonder Sadie took the loss of her owner to heart since such a sacred connection is established.

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