Rude Customer Demands Sign Warning About Special Needs Employee, Owner’s Notice Is Perfect Response.

Amanda Cartagine is far beyond being just an entrepreneur. She’s a mother to a special needs child, a manager to a great deal of cheerful staff, a strong member of the community in addition to other things.

When Amanda discovered that one of her employees had been pestered by a client, she knew she needed to take action.

It’s not uncommon within the business to brush things under the carpet to cover up such issues by saying “the customer is always right”. Obviously, the customer is not always right in certain cases, once Amanda heard what had occurred inside her restaurant, she was horrified.

She chose to take action against the person who tried to make her worker feel humiliated about their identity.

As the mother of a child with Downs disorder, Amanda realizes that frequently those with special needs require somewhat more time to perfect certain assignments and duties. When they master it,  the potential outcomes are unlimited.

As per WYFF News, Amanda clarified that her child is the motivation behind hiring such an extensive amount of disabled people to work in her restaurant.

We parents with special needs (children) are always faced with breaking down barriers, stigmas, teaching other people that our children are more like them than different…” she said.

“If you have the patience to let them take their time and learn at their pace when the light bulb comes on, they are unstoppable.”

A motherly figure, Amanda seeks to guard her employees as though they were family. News of a customer making one of her staff feel worthless left her angered.

As indicated by reports, the client had requested that the representative refill a lettuce bowl in the serving region. It wasn’t something the kid was required to do, in any case, as every individual staff at Pizza Inn has a particular duty to fulfill.

Amanda’s unusual method for running her place didn’t sit well with the client, however, when he proceeded to assault the worker, the supervisor and others in the premises.

My manager explained to him the situation privately, ‘That’s not his job. We’ve trained him to do this and there are special circumstances,’ and the customer was still not happy,” Amanda said.

Unfortunately, however, that wasn’t to be the last of things. Before raging out of the building the disappointed client shouted that Pizza Inn should hang a sign outwardly “warning” other individuals about the restaurant’s handicapped workers.

Amanda then decided to do just that …

She saw the sign as the ideal method to protect her workers and make them feel further appreciated, while in the meantime sending an unmistakable message to people who don’t view the world through similar eyes.

These are like my kids, and it made me angry. I wanted to do something that was not rude, but got my point across,” she said.

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