Piers Morgan Has Slammed Kim Kardashian On Good Morning Britain In Perfect Fashion

Piers Morgan has a very tough life. Constantly having to pick things to talk about and try and spark up debate on topics that some people have no real interest in.
He will judge you in a second and not care about the consequences of his actions.

On British show Good Morning Britain Piers gave out stink about Kim Kardashian and a recent topless picture in which she posted on her Twitter profile.

He said to the Good Morning Britain Viewers : Very big news day yesterday, obviously, for reasons we all know. But right in the middle of it, I was really glad to know that some things never change.

“When you become a mother again, things don’t change. You’ve become a mother again, you’re in your mid to late 30s, it’s your third child. I know what I’ll do, I’ll put a big topless photo of myself on social media.”

They then showed the image in question on a large screen and had the breasts blurred out. See image above.

Piers went along to say : “We’ve covered them up, she’s basically got them and gone way look at me – me too.”

He also referenced about a recent movement she was involved in and said the joke: “The only thing moving is her breasts. It’s reassuring, isn’t it, that some things never change.”

Co-host Susanna Reid said to him : “Your criticism of Kim Kardashian will never change.” while she laughed.

Piers always seems to be getting into hot fire but this is his most recent

Do you agree with Kim posing for a topless photo especially with her newborn children?

Would you do it?

Let us know in the comment section.

Check out the video below:


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