Pilots Barge In On School Girl Playing Piano, She Then Jumps Back In And Joins Them

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little distraction during your day of travels.

A schoolgirl stuck at the airport spied a free piano that had a little sign on it that read “Play me” and that’s exactly what she did.

She began playing the classic song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” rather beautifully for those passing by.

Two pilots also spotted the piano and decided that they wanted to have a turn.

The teen looked up as the pilots closed in on the piano that was her cue to indicate they were looking for a turn as well.

Both men put their bags on the floor and joined together for an upbeat duet.

However, with crossed arms the schoolgirl watched the pilots play and sized up their skills.

She decided to make her move after giving them a few good hard stares, then mapped out a plan of action.

The teen rightfully squeezed herself in and began playing along after she spied an open section of keys on the right side of the piano.

Suddenly they started really jamming out together as they became a rock ‘n roll trio.

Strangers couldn’t resist stopping to watch the unlikely group who really were amazing!

Surprisingly Brendan Kavanagh-one of the pilots is actually a professional pianist.

Apparently, he loves to dress up as others and surprise people in public places with his performances.

You really have to witness this impressive performance for yourself so by press play on the video below!

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