Pixie weighs only 500g, might have hours to live – this doctor’s trick saves her life

Tiny Pixie was born weighing just 500 grams as she wasn’t supposed to be born for at least another 12 weeks.

Complications began for mother Sharon Grant when she was 28 week pregnant when the umbilical cord and the placenta, resulted in Pixie stop growing.

Surgeons were forced to perform an emergency Caesarean section in order to save the baby’s life, even though there were three months remaining.

Doctors were skeptical about Pixie surviving for more than an hour.

Little Pixie was rushed to intensive care, where doctors did all they could to keep her alive.

Weighing less than a bag of sugar, she was no bigger than her mother’s hand and was extremely delicate

The hospital had no equipment small enough to keep Pixie warm –then all of a sudden one of them came up with a brainwave.

No one else had a better solution how to correct temperature was maintained for the newborn.

Pixie was placed in a small, sealable plastic bag and rushed to the neonatal intensive care department

This method may sound unusual but it has actually been used before.

The skin prematurely born babies release fluid very fast.

Wrapping them in foil or a plastic bag can actually warm them better than in comparison to a regular blanket.

One of the doctors at the hospital confirmed that it’s common to place premature babies in plastic bags if they need to regulate their temperature.

Sharon said: “It was so random that they had her in the Tesco bag – it must have just been what the operating theatre had at the time.”

Naturally, Sharon was concerned over her newborn daughter, knowing that the doctors working on her were highly skilled.

She couldn’t hold her daughter for 18 days because doing so could cause her to lose even more weight.

That could have cost Pixie her precious little life.

Pixie showed her true fighting spirit and is healthy and happy today.

At present, she’s highly sensitive to infections and isn’t able to be around other children.

Doctors were able to save little Pixie’s life with just a plastic bag from the supermarket.

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