Polly Pocket Is Relaunching Their Classic 90โ€™s Toys

Many of us might recall this particular toy from the 90’s, some genius decided to invent perhaps one of the most memorable toys ever that should never have been taken off the shelves: Polly Pocket. And guess what – it is making a come back! That’s right, this summer you can once again buy this amazing compact toy.

If you did not grow up in the 90’s and are unfamiliar with this beloved toy, Polly Pockets are very tiny worlds crammed into a small pocket sized case. They all come with equally small dolls – Polly and her friends – who all fit into the small case that closes up and can be easily carried anywhere.

The number of options they came in was endless: garden,beach,home,amusements parks,castles and much much more. They gave endless hours of entertainment and imagination time for kids. Polly Pocket’s sold over ten million units before the line was discontinued.

They were a first choice birthday present for the vast majority of kids in the 90’s wanting to have their very own amazing miniature worlds. One woman recalls how there would be such excitement when one was unwrapped. You could feel your friends taking note: โ€œJennifer gives Polly Pockets. Tell mom she gets a birthday invite.โ€

Kids could play with their own Pocket or even swap them with friends and play with theirs. They were also great toys for mum’s and dad’s who could also pull out their Pocket and play along with their children. Heading off to the amusement park was always great fun with the kids.

If you think we are trying to fool you about the love kids had for Polly Pockets then take this into account: an Etsy shop that sells vintage PPs a following of over 15,000 fans on Instagram. And a vintage Polly Pocket Fairy Light Wonderland recently sold for almost $500 on eBay.

The company behind the famous toy was a British company called “Bluebird Toys, who created 350 Polly Pocket sets between 989 and 998 before they were bought out by Mattel. The new owners gave the Pocket a make over that never really took off. Word has it that the remakes will be very similar to the original Pocket and should be hitting the shelves this June.

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