Scary Photos Show Damage Done To Teen Who Swallowed Three Tide Pods

Eating Tide Pods ( Washing up tablets ) suddenly became a huge trending in January 2018, with hundreds of children and teenagers getting poisoned.

They get the tablet and try to eat it. These tablets were originally designed to wash your clothes and not to be ingested.

There was over 40 cases of people going to emergency rooms after eating these dangerous tablets.

The below video is based on a true story about a child who ate three laundry tablets or ” Tide Pods ” in one sitting.

The video tells you exactly what he experienced and what happened to him afterwards.

You might want to show this video to your children and help spread it around so they realize how dangerous it can be to eat these tide pods.

The doctors says in the video :

After putting three pods in his mouth, he felt a slight burning sensation waft up into his nose. Huddled over the sink, JR was prepared to spit out the detergent as soon as he started biting.

But as soon as he chewed down on the pods, biting into the vinyl plastic, laundry detergent poured into his mouth. He was suddenly overcome by a severe burning and numbing sensation on his tongue.

JR began coughing and retching and detergent began to seep down into his throat.

He also inhaled some of it into his throat which caused some corrosion.

The liquid then made its way down into his lungs and he was seriously poisoned. He then lost consciousness and his lips turned blue.

The doctor then said: Contact with surfaces like the esophagus induces ‘Liquefactive Necrosis’, meaning as the tissue dies, it turns into a liquid pus, disintegrating the lining of the esophagus as it rolls deep into the stomach and causing possible tissue perforation. All of this happening within one second of contact.

He began suffering from Hypoxemia which is low oxygen levels presence in the blood.

This is something that would typically happen when you are at the top of Mt Everest and starved of oxygen.

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