Sick Teen Drops Lighting Firework Into Young Girls Hood, She Suffers Serious Harm After It Explodes.

A young woman suffered serious burns and hearing loss as a result of a lit firework being thrown into her hood, where it exploded.

In the horrific footage, captured on Railway Street in Dublin 1, a group of youths are seen hanging around.

A male from the group then approaches a woman from behind, and lights the firework, before throwing it in her hood and running away.

The woman immediately panics and tries to get the firework out by tossing her hood forwards.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed and only caused the hood to close over the back of her neck before the firework exploded.

The group of youths can then be heard laughing after the sound of the explosion.

The victim has said she will be taking the matter further and revealed the extent of her injuries.

“This is me in that video, second-degree burns, all my hair is falling out and still waiting for hearing to come back,” she wrote on social media. “I will be taking it further.”

Apparently, gardai have not received any formal complaint about the incident, but a source claims that local officers are aware of it.

“If a complaint is made, then it will be treated as an assault and a criminal investigation would be launched,” said the source.

“The woman suffered serious burns to her head and body and has also had a loss of hearing since the incident.”

Christy Burke a local politician describes the incident as “disgusting” and requested that a specialist garda unit is set up in the north inner city to help combat anti-social behavior.

I’m outraged and appalled. I haven’t got the words to express how I felt after seeing that video,” explains the Independent councilor.

“That could be your daughter, your sister. Imagine the parents of that woman looking at that, it’s disgusting. It’s animalistic behavior. “That’s not someone deciding to have a laugh because it’s Halloween, that’s maliciously intended,” he concludes.

The original Facebook post has been removed since the individual published the video however it has gain momentum since it has been shared hundreds of times.

Social media users were to condemn the youth who lit the firework, while some called for strict punishment against the teen boy.

One wrote: ‘Yeah second degree burns on head and neck, so funny… I really hate these monkeys who think it’s really funny to injure people. I hope that he will be jailed for that.

Take a look at the horrific incident in the video clip below:

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