Son Builds His Elderly Father A Useful Little Home For Him To Live On His Own.

Once Josh Wynn’s father began to age and require more assistance,  he decided to start a project and build him a tiny house.

He wanted something to allow his father to live alone where he could navigate easily without too much effort.

Josh refers to the tiny home he built on his property as ‘Mikes’s Hammock’ named after his dad,  which allowed him to live close by but separate from his father

The house is a mere 604 ft.² which includes one bedroom, one bathroom along with a kitchen and living area

When designing the house Josh wanted it to be sustainable so he used different environmentally friendly products.

He sourced a lot of the equipment from a local construction site by gathering recycled products,  including the frame of the house.

The house is also designed to keep energy expenses low with it costing roughly only $25 a month.

The house is also specifically built in such a way to leave lots of light in by choosing large windows.

This allows his father to sit and watch nearby wildlife giving him the illusion of extra space.

Since Mike has a number of health issues including limited mobility,  Josh worked hard to accommodate these factors.

The house is equipped for wheelchairs, walkers and the shower even has a fold down seat and grab bar.

All cabinets are fitted at a lower level so easily accessible.

During the whole construction of this tiny house, it produced less than a full dumpster of waste.

Josh even went to the effort of planting trees for every tree material used to build the house.

Perhaps more people we consider building a house like this on their ground for their elderly parents. It seems like such a fantastic idea.

We’ve included a video“As Seen On TV Bathroom Gadgets Put To The Test” for you to watch:

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