Son’s Scream Wakes Mother — She’s Shocked At What She Sees Hanging Off His Face

While six-year-old Tyler was lying on the top bunk of his bunk bed in his home in Macksville, Australia he was suddenly attacked by a python.

The young boys cries for help quickly alerted his mother, Tammy, who rushed to his room.

The huge snake that attacked Tyler was almost 10 feet long.

The massive reptile somehow made his way into the family house and slithered into the top bunk bed where Tyler was asleep.

Tyler was bitten on his hand and several other parts of his body before the snake eventually latched onto his head.

When Tammy reached her son’s bedroom, the python had wrapped itself around Tyler’s body in an attempt to restrict his breathing.

Thankfully, Tammy was able to free her son from the snakes clutches and get him out of the room.

She was horrified when she saw all the blood on his face. His eyes were still partially closed, Tammy believes that her son was still not fully awake. When she tried to examine him, he wouldn’t let her touch him. Tammy immediately rushed Tyler to the hospital and asked a relation to go into Tyler’s bedroom and remove the snake from the house.

Amazingly, young Tyler does not remember the incident. Tammy decided to take some photos of the dead snake to show just how big it was.

She posted them to Facebook, along with images of her sons injuries and they quickly went viral.

People were shocked with the size of the snake and believe it had one intention that day.

Thankfully, Tyler’s cries alerted his mom who acted quickly and got him away from danger.

Steve McEwan, a reptile expert, said that the snake probably detected slight movements and warmth from Tyler which ultimately drew the snake into his bedroom.

McEwan said he believed the snake was not going to eat Tyler.As to how such a big python got into their house, no one knows! Did they perhaps leave a window wide open? Do you think the python had Tyler strangled to feed on him? As far as I know, they only strangle their prey!

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