Survival Guide For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can either be a wonderful time to celebrate love or a disaster waiting to happen.

Trending Stylist has a few Valentine hacks for all you singles or cupid couples to make it a night to remember.

For some of you, this traditional path may be too commercialized so here are a few tips to survive the l’amour.

We take a look at how to handle being alone and help you out regardless of what your romantic situation.

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Some people love Valentine’s Day others dislike it.

We’ve all had different Valentine’s Day experiences: from being broken up with,  first dates, got sick, even had an evening of great romance.

Although Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun, it’s also prone to disaster.

A lot of that disaster can be prevented avoided by just managing your expectations, preparing for problems, and planning your day a little properly:

For Couples

Valentine’s Day was designed for people in relationships but can be enjoyed by anyone.

Here are some tips, tricks, and suggestions to help if you’ve been lucky enough to find yourself in love this Valentine’s Day just make sure you don’t screw it up.

Don’t Expect Romance After Dinner

Traditionally Valentine’s generally consists of a romantic date…and going into food coma when you get home. There’s nothing wrong with having a really nice,  meal that forces you into unconsciousness before your evening is officially over so you might want to reconsider your plans.

Dan Savage Sex advice columnist recommends couples to save the food for last.

If you’re planning on eating a big you might want to look after the loving beforehand.

Try Something Different

You don’t have to purchase gifts or head out for dinner you can do just about anything.

There are two things potentially stopping you: you’re probably aware of that, the expectation of tradition and the absence of different ideas.

Chat to each other and figure out a date you’d both enjoy other than doing pretty much the same as everyone else.

Here are some alternative ideas:

Be a Bad Valentine

Buying a large bag of french fries and sneak into a tall building to eat, talk, and stargaze maybe you should even consider getting up to mischief.

You don’t want to do anything that’s truly bad,  just enough where you could get caught and get in a little bit of trouble if you did.

The rush of going through that experience together will make it more fun and memorable perhaps strengthen the bond.

Celebrate What You Love

Romance shouldn’t always need to involve gifts and food.

It’s about celebrating and expressing love with your significant other and make a list of things you both really enjoy together, then make the night about those things.

These things can be food and gifts, try to think about things you enjoy together and why you love each other than celebrate those things rather than exploring the traditional route.

Try Something New

Create a memorable experience ty trying something neither of you has experienced before.

The idea is for you both to experience something new together and to bond over how much you either love or hate it. If it’s new and you don’t really have any feelings about what you’re going to chance, the night won’t be ruined if you find out one of you likes it or dislikes.

You’ll have plenty to talk about afterward even if you both hate it.


If a romantic dinner is the Valentine’s you want you might avoid a potential hassle and consider rescheduling for a different day or like many people enjoy a relaxed evening at home by cooking a traditional dinner cooking at home.

Prepare for Disaster

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to avoid disaster, so you have to prepare for it. Often times being able to quickly solve a problem can lead to something surprisingly better. You may even be glad something went wrong as the end result turns out better. Some suggestions below:

  • Have a Backup Plan – If you’ve got a very specific evening planned out, consider how it might go wrong and what you can do about it.
    Use Your Smartphone – While you probably don’t want to take out the smartphone, it can provide you with easy access to information should something go wrong.
    Anticipate Delays and Unexpected Problems – If you’re going out, you need to leave early. Figure out what could go wrong and account for enough time to endure it. You probably won’t be able to avoid the inevitable traffic of vehicles and people, but you can at least figure out how much it’s going to affect your night.

For Singles

Valentine’s Day can seem really annoying if you’re single,

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy.

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, try out all your favorite things.

Plan a night where you do the things you love and don’t require others. Eat your favorite foods, enjoy your favorite books, TV, movies, or games.

There’s nothing wrong with being alone once you embrace it life can be pretty great.

Think of things that you enjoy and learn to be happy on your own.

Just because you’re single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it has to be sad or lonely.

Some years you’ll be with someone and other years you won’t.

That’s how it rolls but those years can be fun if you allow it.

Here are some tips for spending it alone or with other single friends so you don’t miss out.

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