Teen girl gets period on bus then boy approaches her and whispers this remark, now it’s going viral.

For teenagers, sexuality can be either exciting or embarrassing. Only a small few like to sit down and discuss the topic with their parents as curious as they may be to learn everything there is to know about the birds and the bees.

Girls have an extra concern to worry about: their menstruation also referred to as a period. Naturally, these young girls do not want to be the first or last in class to get it.

When it eventually arrives, you’re often terrified of bleeding through your clothing, where everyone might realize that it’s that time of the month.

Unfortunately, thesis what occurred for one young girl. One day as she was on her way home on the school bus a red spot become visible behind her pants. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just her who noticed it.

A number of other teens on the bus also saw the spot and the young girl was embarrassed.

We are well aware of how children and teens can, unfortunately, be cruel in these type of situations, so when an older boy on the bus suddenly approached her, the girl expected a joke or rude comment.

But rather than throwing a mocking comment, he said something that made the girl’s mother share the story on social media.

The boy noticed what had happened and decided to approach the girl. But his intention wasn’t to embarrass her — quite the opposite in fact: He offered her his shirt so she could wrap it around her waist.

Initially, the girl was even more embarrassed and acted like everything was okay. However, the boy insisted. Eventually, she gratefully accepted and managed to get off the bus without feeling totally embarrassed.

The girl’s mother praised the boy for his wonderful gesture, but also his mother because she raised her son to be such a wonderful young man.

We hear a lot of negative tales about teenagers today so hearing something positive is absolutely wonderful.

After the mother posted the story on the Facebook group Guragaon Moms, it went viral on the internet and the boy is being praised for his act.

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