Teen mocks elderly veteran crying in bathroom: Then a stranger sees red and acts immediately

Old age is inevitable, we all begin to slow down and perhaps may even need help doing things.

We all have a duty to help those in need and treat each other with respect, regardless of age.

Marcus took immediate action to set a teenage straight once he witnessed him laughing and joking about a man in need of help, at a restaurant.

Marcus Pass, from Tennessee, posted what he witnessed on Facebook where his post went viral.

He wrote: “Rant of the day…. I was eating lunch at Zaxbys and overheard some young man laughing about an older gentleman in the bathroom that couldn’t get off the toilet.”

He continued: “So I proceed to walk in and can hear this man crying on the toilet I ask him if he’s ok. He said that his legs were too weak to stand up and

he left his cane by the door. I asked him to unlock the door and helped the man up and got his pants up for him, the man had a Vietnam veteran hat on, and

gave me a hug and told me that he’s 69 years old and that was the most embarrassing moment in his life with tears in his eyes.

I shook his hand and thanked him for all he’s done and walked him out to the lobby and made that teenager apologize to the man…

Moral of the story: Getting old is inevitable, but being a complete asshole to a stranger is not …….. rant over”

Our younger generation should have more respect for their elders,  please Share this story with others if you agree.

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