Teen Son Embarrassed After Being Rejected For Homecoming Is Mocked By School, 1 Girl Does This And Mom Totally Loses It.

Prom is one of the greatest evenings in a high schooler’s life. All things considered, it is a reason to get spruced up and enjoy a great night with your prom date.

However, requesting somebody to be their date can be very scary, also humiliating with the likely possibility of being rejected. This is the reason why numerous adolescents go to extreme length for their proposal to be accepted.

Daniel, 17, had always longed to be heading off to his homecoming move at school. Tragically, he was turned down by each one of the young ladies he asked.

Because of the fact that Daniel has Down syndrome he has unfortunately felt the impacts of stigma from his classmates.

That when a tenth grader named Kylie ventured up and asked Daniel to the prom herself. “I don’t think of kids that have a disability… I don’t think of them as being different,” Kylie says. “I hope I can make his night fun.”

Daniel’s mother Tonya was shocked by Kylie’s amazing grand gesture. “It’s not about that Daniel has a disability. It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.”

The group at the FOX5 Surprise Squad was equally inspired by Kylie’s sweet and demonstration of kindness.

So, as a result, they chose to appear before the homecoming move to convey a night of surprises nobody could have envisioned.

From being taken to the prom in a fancy Rolls Royce where a red carpet awaited their entrance, Daniel wound up in tears of joy before the night was done.

Take a look as the night unfolds in the video clip below:

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