Terrified Boy Hides From Burglars – When They Bust Door Open He Screams 1 Vital Word Which Makes Them Run

When faced with a dire situation we may not be so sure how to react to real life scenarios. If anyone knows the value of educating a child on what to do in an emergency situation, it’s the mother of 7-year-old Carlos.

Thankfully as a result young Carlos from Norwalk, California jumped into action when three armed men forced their way into his family home. Carlos fled to the bathroom with his younger sister after seeing the assailants threaten to harm his parents.

What he proceeded to do has now been hailed by people all over the net. It was like any normal day in Norfolk until three armed men forced their way through the front door into one family’s home.

The parents were threatened immediately, little did they know there was also an exceptionally quick-thinking young boy at home. Seven-year-old Carlos fled to the bathroom after grabbing his six-year-old sister.

The young boy knew exactly what to do thanks to having practiced emergency scenarios with his mother. Carlos dialed 911 while the intruders continued to harass his parents.

When they answered the boy said: “There are some guys! They’re going to kill my mom and dad, can you come please. … Can you come really fast? PLEASE, PLEASE.

On the other end of the line was Los Angeles County sheriff’s dispatcher Monique Patino who later admits that the call was “horrific”.

Carlos informed Monique that the strangers were going to shoot his parents as they had guns so “Bring cops … lots of them!” he begged.

His little sister can be heard crying on the call as he speaks right before things take a turn for the worst.

Monique reassures Carlos that police are on the way in an attempt to keep him calm,  suddenly the call is interrupted by the sound of the two children screaming.

According to Monique: “Once I heard the screams, I’m holding the phone and shaking, in tears. All I can hear is them screaming.”

After realizing there was someone hiding in the bathroom the armed assailants broke down the door.

Once inside they found Carlos and his little sister and demanded to know who they had been speaking to.

Seven-year-old Carlos caused the men to behave surprisingly as he bravely admitted that he’d called the police.

Listen to the video to hear the dramatic events unfold in the video below:

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