The Reason Cops Pulled Over This Woman Is Taking Internet By Storm

These days, the internet is full of snippets of cops violating their power by pulling people over for the most insignificant offense.

Sometimes even getting overly physical with arrests.

These viral videos result in terribly conceived perceptions, however, cops are only involved in a tiny minority amongst the majority of well-respected police officers.

I’m sure you will agree that unfortunately the videos of friendly good natured cops just aren’t as intriguing.

So here we are to address the balance in a small way!

This is a story you’ll enjoy make sure to watch the video of the incident at end of the post.


Florida resident Angelica Smith was driving along when she was randomly pulled over.

What have I done this time she thought to herself?

Consequently, it’s the same darn cop, each and every time.


What did I do this time? says the young woman.

Cop replies: “License, insurance, and registration, please.”


As you can appreciate one gets rather annoyed with these repeat scenarios.

“You can’t just pull me over for no reason”

Scroll down below to see how the story unfolds, the video at the end is so comical.

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