These 5th grade boys take their school’s talent show by storm dressed in onesies.

School talent shows are an incredible method to bring kids out of their shell and enabling them to demonstrate all sides of their own individual identity. It’s additionally amazingly engaging for the children viewing and the parents as well.

I generally delight in viewing the hilarious demonstrations; it was an incredible vibe having every one of your friends around you chuckling and having a great time in a school environment.

Plus, you escape one class each day to watch kids from your class sing, move, act, and be goofy — it doesn’t beat that.

For one group of young men, they were going to bring the house down with their performance. Noone was expecting the humorous presentation and before it finished, there was anything but a dry eye in the house from all the giggling. I didn’t expect this!

The entire school is assembled around as the four companions began. A dark screen covering them is pulled away to uncover four young men connected to infant bodies with pacifiers in their mouths. The sight alone was enough to get their frineds crying with laughter.

They have cardboard with a white background and four infant onesies — and four openings where each kid’s head is protruding out of the infant outfits.

The group of four boys begin with Taylor Swift hit “Shake it Off” and they each take turns to lip-synch while moving their outfits to the beat of the music.

I enjoyed Carl Douglas’ “Kung fu Fighting” the most: their moves and poker faces while dancing to the very obvious into had everyone in stitches laughing.

Every one of the four of the young men has practiced in order to put on a good show. None of them look humiliated and give this 100 percent effort right from the start.

Yet, don’t think the young men simply adhered to lip-synchronizing, they made their way through a mixture of melodies which simply got better each time. Then the entire school can’t control themselves at such an amusing presentation!

You need to watch the video underneath to see all the tunes, their looks and moves!

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