This Woman Is A Convicted Paedophile But What She Said To The Courts Will Amaze You

Michaela Sheldrake, 41, admitted amassing vile child pics and videos and taking 356 indecent photographs of a girl under 16, sending some of the pictures to a man.

Her confessions also included inciting a girl aged under 16 to engage in sexual activity.

She confesses that she had done many more that she had not been caught for but admitted that she was sorry for her actions and would not reveal who the other victims were.

Catherine Silverton, defending at Leeds crown court, said: “Nobody hates her as much as herself.

“She described herself as a monster.” Jailing Sheldrake, of Beeston, judge Sally Cahill QC said:

“You have realised the consequences of your behaviour and the consequences are severe.” Det Insp Marc Bowes later called her crimes “absolutely appalling”.

She was sentences to serve 7 years in prison and some people are saying she was only showing remorse in order to try and reduce her prison sentence.

Do you believe she was genuinely sorry and do you think she would so similar crimes if she was released?

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