Toddler left in agony after breaking out in blisters, mom receives diagnosis but can’t comprehend how it’s possible

Toddler Ivy Angerman is allergic to her own tears she can’t cry, sweat, or have a bath without breaking out in painful blisters and hives – because of her allergy to water.

Ivy was diagnosed in October last year with a rare allergy aquagenic urticaria.

Ivy was developing a red rash while in the bathtub, her parents noticed something was wrong but when they saw assumed it was just the shampoo or soap.

Brittany Angerman, Ivy’s mum other explains ‘We tried everything and nothing changed, so we put her in water and she still got blisters.’

‘We tried our parents’ water, we tried city water, countryside water, and nothing changed.’

Ivy was brought to the doctor by her parents, where she was diagnosed with the extremely rare allergy – one that only around 50 people in the world have.

As a result, Ivy’s life will be full of restrictions she can’t enjoy a bath, take a trip to the pool or play with a hose in the back garden without her skin bursting out in angry welts.

Even going out in the rain will cause pain, as well as crying or sweating.

This condition is known as aquagenic urticaria.

Her parents had to resort to using sanitizers and wipes to clean their daughter, as she’ll scream and cry when bathed in plain water.

It’s at the point now where she can’t get in the bath for more than 15 or 20 seconds before she starts screaming,’ says Brittany.

She tries to climb up the wall of the bath because it’s hurting her and she wants to get out.’

‘She then starts crying from the pain and this means her face starts to blister because she’s allergic to them too.’

‘It’s very difficult for me as a parent because she wants to cry, she’s a girl and will want to cry a lot.’

‘I’m going to have to teach her to not cry and try to hide it or bring it out in some other way.’

‘It’s really hard, it breaks my heart, everything about it makes me upset.’

‘We’ve got down to giving her one bath a week. Her skin looks like she’s getting washed in bleach, I’m effectively washing my daughter in bleach.’

When we try to dry Ivy her blisters hurt a lot so we cannot use towels.’

We have to let her air dry and she runs around for a bit.’

When she sweats, the liquid brings her out in a bit of a rash and it goes red. It’s the same when she cries, she breaks out in a rash.’

‘She takes antihistamines to help try and keep the reaction as small as it can be however we only let her take them on “wet days” because we’re worried her body might grow immune to them and then they won’t work at all.’

‘Ivy has developed a fear of water, she used to love playing with water in the back garden, but instead, she runs.’

‘Brittany worries about how the allergy may hold her daughter back.’

I’m constantly asked questions like “how can she be allergic to water when she’s made of it?” but people don’t understand that it can and has happened,’ says Brittany.

You don’t think about the sort of obstacles that can come up – the rain can set her allergies off so you have to make sure she’s covered up.’

‘She won’t be able to go swimming or play in the park properly or anything like that, she’s getting curious to go outside now.’

‘We’re surrounded by snow but we don’t want her to go near it and let it set her allergies off.’

‘I’m concerned – what happens if one day a child at school decides to pour water over her?’

‘I’m worried she will get bullied or teased for it when she’s older.’

‘Ivy’s baby sister, Grace doesn’t seem to suffer from the same condition as her older sister.’

‘She’s going to miss out on certain activities and won’t be able to do everything her friends will.’

‘I was told by an allergist there’s a woman who cannot drink anything but diet coke as she’s become allergic to drinking water.’

‘We don’t know if Ivy will ever get to that stage but she will be seeing an allergist every two months to monitor her.’

View the video below to hear more details on little Ivy’s condition.

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