Triplets Refuse To Talk To Others. Finally Teacher Discovers Devastating Truth

For the Yeckes triplets, life has not been all that easy.

Not long after their mother passed away, their father was arrested and taken into custody, leaving the three girls having to fend for themselves.

The three young ladies were tossed between their grandparents home and the streets of Las Vegas.

Despite their unusual living arrangements, the girls remained dedicated to their schoolwork and now they’re being recognized for their extraordinary drive to achieve success!

After the loss of their mother, Hayley, Kassidy and Sierra told News 3 Las Vegas was left to look after them. Sadly, he was not interested in taking on his role as a father…

“He was absent weeks on end and it just was a lot of home stress.”

The Yeckes triplets refused to let anything keep them down as they continuously strive to better themselves and their lives.

They all gained employment in their local grocery store and spent any spare time they had studying hard. They knew that it would require hard work and determination to get out of their unstable home.

Their hard work finally came to fruition this year as the three took to the stage to accept their high school diplomas. Several local organization groups were there to cheer the girls on – it was clear they weren’t alone!

Regardless of their unstable living situation and low income, Hayley, Kassidy and Sierra are all planning on attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in the fall.
Finishing high school is just the first rung on their ladder to success.

This is exactly why, immediately after their graduation ceremony, the Fox 5 Las Vegas Surprise Squad presented them with two incredible gifts.

The girls had no clue what to expect, and the generous presents left them totally speechless.

Watch the video below to see exactly what the surprise squad gave to the Yeckes triplets.

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