Two masked teenagers attempted to rob a 67-yr-old man in forest, end up paying a bitter price.

Regardless of your actual age, your profession, and no matter what your views are on the world, there’s one important thing you should always factor in: Respect your elders.

Most of us are thought this lesson many from a very young age, and yet there are those in society who blatantly refuse to ignore it.

This 67-year-old man was walking through the woods in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania when all of a sudden he was confronted by two masked men.

One of the masked men carried a stick while the other had a fake gun.

The two masked assailants approached this elderly Pennsylvania man in broad daylight on Wednesday.

According to reports, one robber was in his late teens, while the other who was in his early twenties held a pellet gun up pointing it in the older man’s face.  His friend stood nearby with his stick.

There was a brief physical altercation between the gunman and the 67-year-old according to local police.

Then the 67-year-old man pulled out his own .38 caliber handgun and shot one of the suspects in the head, police explained.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said the toy looked like a real weapon and police didn’t even realize it was a fake until they got to take a closer look at it.

The suspect died on scene while the second suspect made a run for it.

The victim has a ‘concealed weapons license’ and has no previous criminal record, police said. The elderly man was in such shock he was taken to a nearby hospital with chest pains but will make a full recovery.

Charges are not expected considering the older man was acting in self-defense, Chitwood said.

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