Waiter blocks door – suddenly opens his mouth spouting words that gives customers chills

I come across a story online from a fast-food restaurant every now and again where the unexpected happens.

If someone was choking or just a simple and wonderful act of kindness it can be an incredible effort to rescue.

Jamel Young works at a Chick-fil-A in the US and this is one great example Trending Stylist wanted to share.

Jamel decided to pay tribute in his very own unique way on Veterans day by standing up in front of the guests and singing.

No one believed that this man would possess such a wonderful voice the moment he blasted out a tune.

Many Americans can, of course, relate to his apt choice of song “Proud to be an American.”

Jamel headed towards the exit and made it his stage where the whole restaurant could see and hear him very clearly.

Immediately the fast food chain guests turned around forgetting about their food for a few moments.

What an amazing voice take a look at the video below.

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