Woman Captures Calm Water Then Boat Suddenly Rocks Making Everyone Gasp At Unforgettable Sight

There are certain memories that remain with us forever, some of them that can change the way we view the world.

This family were on vacation in Australia discovering new things about the area in Port Macquarie.

It was arranged for the whole family to go on an adventure one day but they never expected to capture this unforgettable moment.

Once all the passengers were aboard the small boat they set out for the ocean. The tour guide gave some facts about the area and all on board were hoping to see some whales.

While not every tourist gets to see this family were in for quite a surprise. The mother happened to spot a whale in the distance.

She reached for her camera in the hope she might be able to record some footage if the whale came closer.

The entire boat was in for a surprise as the whale jumped out of the water giving then all a shock.

It all happened just a few feet from the boat which resulted in then all getting wet from the splash.

What an unforgettable sight, get a closer look yourself in the video below:

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