Woman Drinks Her Own Urine Claiming It Has Cleared Her Acne And Helps Lose Weight

There’s only one thing way to state this: People are actually rubbing urine on their skin. Advocates guarantee that urine helps fix skin break out, support vitality, and reverse aging.

What’s more, that is only the start of the wild universe of “urine therapy”

Individuals have been drinking their own pee and applying it topically throughout centuries — and not in the event of an emergency.

Rather, they trust it encourages them battle illness, become thinner, and increase vitality

As of late, however, these claims have drawn a lot more of attention. It’s the period of YouTube, where things like this can take off as a trend in the blink of an eye.

One YouTuber, Julia Sillaman, claims that pee has relieved her skin breakouts, enhanced her digestion, and helped her lose 25 pounds.

I was breaking out badly in acne, but I was hesitant to see a dermatologist” the 26-year-old explains.

That is the point at which she met Christo Dabraccio, a 49-year-old meteorologist who says drinking pee influences him to feel “like Superman.”

Julia says she perceived how solid Christo looked, so she chose to attempt it for herself.

The day after I started massaging [urine] into my skin, the inflammation went down and my skin smoothed out.”

Julia fasts notwithstanding drinking her own particular pee, which specialists say is a perilous approach. Pee isn’t a substitution for nourishment — stunning, I know.

Truth be told, there’s no confirmation of any advantages to drinking your own pee. Your pee isn’t poisonous, yet it’s not precisely nutritious, either.

It just comprises of liquid, minerals, and salts that your body has just sifted through.

The point of urination is to rid the body of excess, why would you want to re-absorb that,” reveals urologist Dr. Zaki Almallah.

There may be some advantage to applying pee topically. Urea, a chemical compound found in urine, is utilized in healthy skin products to assist with skin inflammation, eczema, and psoriasis.

I won’t be in hurry to try this, will you?

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