Woman Witnesses Attempted Abduction On Young Girl And Does This To Rescue Her.

12-year-old Amy Martinez was walking to school in Santa Ana, California one morning when a woman approached her, put her arms around her and started leading her away.

The woman spoke to her in Spanish telling her not to cry that “the demons are coming, Satan is here.”

Amy screamed out for help as she was petrified in this terrifying moment where she feared she may never see her family again.

In the meantime,  another woman driving to the same school with her child at the time heard the screams.

The woman wishes to remain anonymous, saw Amy in distress as she looked out her car window.

She knew something just wasn’t right it was clear there was some sort of struggle.

The unidentified woman hurried over to Amy and asked if she was okay. “I’ll never forget the way she looked at me, her eyes were screaming for help,” the woman explains.

Thanks to the woman’s quick-thinking and maternal instincts she ultimately saved Amy from her potential kidnapper.

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