This Photo Of Serena Williams With Husband On Baby Duty Is Making Working Women Around The World Proud

Motherhood can have a negative effect on women’s career according to many people.

Ultimately, if its possible for fathers to continue working after having a baby, there is nothing stopping mothers.

The key ingredient is is support and equality. The kind that husband Alexis Ohanion offers tennis player Serena Williams.

Alexis got their 5-month old daughter, to the game, fed her and even had her cheering on her mother during a Fed Cup match.


Now, with roles revered where the fathers look after a child can be witnessed more often.

An acceptance of equality is finally evident in 2018.

Designer Masaba Gupta posted it is an ‘iconic visual’ indeed on Instagram.

It is heartwarming on this day of love to see this kind of support between couples!


In the meantime, Olympia got a tennis racquet of her very own last week.

Williams shared an image of her daughter holding a tiny Wilson tennis racquet

This picture also marks little Olympia’s first tennis-themed photo since her birth on 1st Sept on social media.

Serena posted Instagram stories between sets, where she showed off video of her family behind her.

Check out the cute video of her biggest fan!

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