Yanny or Laurel? What do you hear in the internet’s latest mind-melting debate

Remember the dress color phenonomen that took the internet by storm not so long ago. Well its back, but this time it is not your eyes that will be tested.
Yes, the internet’s latest debate craze is all about Yanny versus Laurel and a four-second audio clip.

The sound clip was posted online by blogger Cloe Feldman and it has drove the internet mad with debate of what exactly they hear.

It consists of a computer generated voice much like Siri repeating a name, but the problem is no one can agree with exactly what name the voice is saying.

There has been much confusion throughout the online community so far.

Take a listen for yourself and tell us if you hear, Yanny or Laurel?

As with the dress color saga, many people who have listened to the short clip are saying there is scientific reasoning behind what seems utterly bizarre.

According to many peoples opinions, it is all down the pitch of the sound, and what your ears pick up at different levels of pitch. As you age your eardrums will not pick up on lower frequencies, but your children will.

Mystery solved, but feel free to tell us what you hear.

Tell us what name you can hear in the comments section on facebook. I myself heard YALLY!

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