Young boy who failed subjects in school was classed as loser; he teaches everyone a lesson when he invents Charlie Brown

This is the story of a little boy who was dubbed as a “loser” and underachiever amongst the rest of his peers.

The boy was no stranger to failure as he grew up in St Paul, Minneapolis in the 20s and 30s.

Failing every subject in eighth-grade high school, he also flunked every class from physics to algebra.

He did make it onto the golf team only to lose the one match that actually mattered.

Classmates never paid much attention to him,  the boy accepted this mediocracy.

Charles always thought to himself what’s meant to be will be.

He took pride in one area which was art he was so much more passionate when it came to drawing.

In the final year of high school, he decided to submit his drawings to the yearbook.

They were rejected, so after graduation, he submitted his work to Walt Disney Studios where he was also rejected.

Through a brand new cartoon, he decided to create a character to resemble him and  tell his own life’s story

Just like him, the main character was a perpetual loser and underachiever a boy he named as Charlie Brown, who we are only too familiar with.

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