Young girl returns home from school – mom takes looks at her hands and instantly calls the school.

Gone are the days of harsh punishment inside schools.

Some of you may recall being made to face the wall for 20 minutes when you were caught talking in class.

Perhaps others may have got a slap of a ruler or stick across the knuckles or back of the legs.

Nowadays teachers use different types of punishing students while ensuring that children learn their lesson without coming anywhere near close to physical punishment.

Unfortunately, in a Texas town, for a group of parents, their children weren’t so lucky.

The moment her 11-year-old daughter returned from school Nancy Gonzales knew something was wrong.

She realized she had to take immediate action after inspecting her hands.

When 11-year-old Michelle, returned home from school, she had painful marks on the palms of her hands.

Nancy quizzed her as to how she got them and she was utterly shocked by the response she got.

There was certainly something awry going on Florence Middle School and she was far from the only parent to feel concern.

Two other substitute physical education teachers had got their kids to engage in bear crawls.

Athletes use the exercise to build strength and agility, which involves crawling around on all fours, without the use of your knees.

Bear crawls alone aren’t any more dangerous than, say, push-ups, or squats.

Students were penalized on that particular day, by having to do their bear crawls on burning hot asphalt for prolonged periods of time.

The teachers allegedly told the students that it would show them “respect”, and child protective services were called to investigate the matter since admitted Police Chief Adam Marsh.
The injuries were certainly severe to some of the students who sustained infected sores and blisters, whilst others were left with bruises from exposure to the asphalt.

An investigation into the matter has been launched and Superintendent Paul Michalewicz from Florence Independent School District stated that the school officials were “extremely concerned” about the incident.

Take at look at more details as to how this story unfolded in the video below:

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